Tomodachi Life is one of the best DS games ever made. This may be because I am a big fan of life simulation games, but I would probably still have fun even if I wasn’t. That being said, this game still has a lot of flaws. Here are the things that should be added to Tomodachi Life.

  • The Ability to take back Clothes or Interiors

Imagine that you gave the wrong item to a Mii. You can’t get it back or do anything about it. That’s why you should have the ability to get that item back. Then, you can give it to the right Mii.

  • Multiple Save Files

I have gone through a total of three islands because I got bored, but still wanted to have fun and continue playing. The problem is that I can’t go back to my previous islands. They’re gone forever. That’s why there should be multiple save files, so you can go back to other islands you had.

  • Events

Let’s say that you are gone for a while. You come back on and nothing has changed. This is why I think there’s should be events in the game if you are gone for a while. Maybe a Mii could leave the island and you would have to convince them to come back. Or maybe there was a hurricane, leaving messes and destruction for you to fix and clean up. Speaking of hurricanes...

  • Weather

You have the day and night cycle, and that’s about it. Maybe have it so it can rain and snow. There could be storms or natural disasters, which could be an event.

  • More Cutscenes

You would think Miis would want to celebrate something or do stuff that could affect something. There should be more cutscenes that show Miis doing more things around the island, like celebrations.

Those are some of the things that should be added to Tomodachi Life.

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