Here's a little bit of activity to the wikia!

For my two Tomodachi Life files I had a theme for both of my islands. It wasn't something I planned to do at the start for all my islands, it just happened for both. 

The first island I had, my main one, was all about really tough characters. Most were from fictional works that I liked and usually knew a lot about, but I put in a lot of my own original characters that were just used for this game. I didn't use elaborate OCs or anything. However, when they had kids they weren't designed to be as tough.

My second island was about really attractive characters. Well, it wasn't like I would crush on them but more like I just tried to not have unattractive Miis. I'm fine with unattractive people usually, but I would just prefer someone who's not something of another taste. It's like looking at cool clothes or something rather than something distasteful, you know?4

If I had a third wikia, I'm not sure what I would do! Something to spice up the island, maybe? I will not do random characters or a ton of characters who I know nothing about. I'm not sure what to do, but I don't plan on getting a third Tomodachi Life cartridge anytime soon so I'll be fine until then. I might try to get a hold of Tomodachi Collection if I ever learn the language for it though... Or the sequel for Life! Both seem very fun.

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