This blog is mostly for historical purposes rather than for properly explaining my playthrough of Tomodachi Collection. Basically, it is not meant to entertain.

Waffle Island is only a few days old, but all of my islanders have already found a sweetheart to call their own! Brooke Dema the girlfriend of Charlotte Ewe, Himari Kita with Era Ise, and Midori Gurin with Rizi Nov. Rizi confessed to Midori today, after failing multiple times. All of them must feel happy with their first love, for the most part. Some islanders have expressed a desire to confess to Era Ise multiple times over the last few days, but Era only has eyes for Himari. Himari has gotten one or two admirers, but Himari stays loyal nonetheless.


Brooke's favorite food became known only sometime ago. It's some sort of bowl with what looks like tomatoes or meat inside. I can't find the name on the wikia and Google Translate doesn't really help. Anyways, I was extremely lucky to stumble upon Brooke's favorite food so early on. However, the food fills up quite a bit of her stomach, leaving little room for anything else.

On a related note, when I played Tomodachi Life I divided food up into categories based upon how filling they were to a Mii. A stomach can hold up around four to five items. Thus, in Tomodachi Collection I did my best to adhere to that method of thinking. For some reason my thoughts tend to be slightly off, as I sometimes count places for two items as only one, but other than that it's going fairly well.

Feeding and caring for the islanders is coming to be my favorite part of Tomodachi Collection. I have decided not to look up too much about the game before playing, so I don't know what's coming next. So far, the game is coming along very nicely and I can't wait to see what happens next.

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