Hi everyone. I have seen a lot of people trying to do this (I have tried to do one of these but I didn't get round to posting it). This may be very long so sorry if you're reading for ages hehe.

Mii Freedom

In my new version of Tomodachi Life, the Miis will be able to have a lot more freedom when it comes to looking after themselves and will not need to depend on the Player to feed them and change their clothes for them. The Player may select what clothes they change into at what time, but otherwise it's all down to the Mii. A Mii will earn wages (part-time jobs will earn less, jobs with degrees will earn more - more on Jobs later). They will have a dining area and kitchen in their apartments where they can cook food and eat it. They may also have a bad to sleep on instead of sleeping on the floor. The purpose of the Food mart will not be useless, however, as the Player still needs to buy food. The food will be stored in a stash, and every Mii had access to that stash through their fridge.

Jobs, Daycare, School, and College

Before babies go to school, they will have to be put in Daycare. The Player will take it in turns to look after babies (ages 0 to 2 or Day 1-Day 2) and keep them safe during the day.

Kids (between the ages of 3 and 12 or between Day 3 and Day 5) will go to school. They will go to school from 9am-3pm on weekdays. If in regions where school uniforms are enforced, young boys and girls (ages 3-5 - Day 3) will wear Kiddie Smocks / Nursery Uniforms of any colour with the hat that they are currently wearing. Slightly older boys (ages 6-9 - Day 4) will wear Formal Shorts Suit / Formal Boy's Clothes of any colour with no hat and girls will wear Formal Dress / Formal Girl's Clothes of any colour with no hat. The older boys (ages 10-12 - Day 5) will wear a Boys' Blazer of any colour with no hat and girls will wear a Girls' Blazer of any colour with no hat. In regions where school uniforms are not enforced, they will be free to wear what they want.

Teens (between the ages of 13 and 18) will go to college from 9am-5pm on weekdays. They will wear College Sweaters of any colour for their respective gender. On a Mii's 13th Birthday, the Player will be prompted to select a degree for the teen to ensue. They must study a degree to get a job. The Player may edit this later from the Town Hall. Here are some degrees.

• Sciences - Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology • Maths • Computing • Business • Music • Drama • Law

Adults would have jobs. Each job will be from 9am-5pm on weekdays. There will be new locations for each job and you can select a Mii's job in the Town Hall. The Player will be able to see people's problems while working at their job (much like houses). Everyone will take a lunch break from 12-1pm, daily, and will go to the café, workplace cafeteria, homes or apartments to eat their lunch. Each job will have it's own outfit and workplace (however some jobs will have the same workplace as they are similar). Here is a list of jobs I would like to see, their roles, and perks.

• Office worker

  Degrees needed: Business
  Role: Start a business and hire people to make and sell Treasures
  Perk: Player earns treasures
  Workplace: Office Building
  Wears: Smart attire
 Office Miis will be seen talking in meetings, typing at desks, getting coffee or on the phone

• Chemist

  Degrees needed: Chemistry
  Role: Make medicines to cure diseases
  Perk: Player earns Cold or Stomach medicine
  Workplace: Lab
  Wears: Lab coat
 Chemist Miis will be seen mixing chemicals in a conical flask, evaporating liquids in test tubes over a Bunsen burner to produce salts,
 looking at multi-coloured liquids in test tubes or making an explosion

• Biologist

  Degrees needed: Biology
  Role: Help sick animals and Miis by analysing samples, x-raying and sometimes even performing surgery!
  Perk: Player can cure sick Miis instantly if they have ran out of medicines
  Workplace: Hospital
  Wears: Lab coat
 Biologist Miis will be seen looking in microscopes, talking to patients, looking at x-rays or performing surgery

• Physicist

  Degrees needed: Physics
  Role: Observes and sends people into space
  Perk: Player can now how 1 trip to space per year for free
  Workplace: Lab
  Wears: Lab coat
 Physicist Miis will be seen looking through a telescope, on computers, looking at research or talking to the astronaut

• Psychologist

  Degrees needed: Psychology
  Role: Helps sad Miis recover
  Perk: Sad Miis will instantly recover once they have had an appointment
  Workplace: Therapy
  Wears: Smart attire
 Psychologist Miis will be seen talking to patients, writing down on a clipboard, listening to calming music or comforting crying

• Mathematician

  Degrees needed: Maths
  Role: Uses Maths to discover scientific breakthroughs, and help businesses thrive
  Perk: Speeds up medicine making / businesses selling treasures so that the Player can receive the benefits of which faster
  Workplace: Office Building
  Wears: Smart attire
 Mathematician Miis will be seen using a calculator, making graphs, writing equations or presenting in a meeting

• Computer Scientist

  Degrees needed: Computing
  Role: Uses data and analytic thinking to help businesses thrive
  Perk: Player will receive treasures faster
  Workplace: Office Building
  Wears: Smart attire
 Computer Scientist Miis will be seen typing, making graphs, presenting in a meeting or looking at data

• Judge

  Degrees needed: Law
  Role: Will sentence Criminal Miis (not player created Miis) to jail
  Perk: Player will receive money for how much they stole
  Workplace: Court
  Wears: Judge robe
 Judge Miis will be seen banging their hammer, listening to defendants, sentencing or asking the defendant questions

• Musician

  Degrees needed: Music
  Role: Will perform Charity Concerts as a solo act or band at the Concert Hall every weeknight from 9-10pm (rehearse during the day)
  Perk: Every ticket bought, the Player earns £50-100, depending on how famous the act is
  Workplace: Concert Hall
  Wears: Anything
 Musician Miis will be seen practicing, tuning their instrument / warming up their voice, practicing lights and sound or trying on

• Actor

  Degrees needed: Drama
  Role: Will star in TV shows and appear on Mii TV
  Perk: Player will receive £50-£100 after each broadcast (once a day), depending on how many Mii Homes there are
  Workplace: TV Studio
  Wears: Anything
 Actor Miis will be seen acting, filming, trying on costumes or watching the takes

• Teacher / College Professor

  Degrees needed: Any
  Role: Will teach kids and teens at school or college
  Perk: Young Miis will earn degrees
  Workplace: School / College
  Wears: Smart attire
 Teacher Miis can be seen teaching, on a computer, marking papers or talking with a student

Small Changes

Hidden locations will no longer be hidden. The player may choose who a Mii falls in love with, is friends with ect (if they wish to do so). Every location will have at least two events. Player can choose a Mii's sexuality, as there is no option for gay couples in Tomodachi Life currently. More things to do on the island. Player has more insight into what goes on in your island.

That's all I can think of for now there will probs be a part 2 idk anyway byee.

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