Since these seem pretty popular, I'll make one my self

Things with a Plus Sign are things I find idiotic

+Why is there no bridge between Leisure Island and the main island?

+There is no true point to the magic show

When a couple breaks up within a few days, seriously how does that happen so quickly!?

+While the love interventions are funny, they also don't make any sense

Certain speech bubble dialogue:

"There must be more people who would like to live here, can you find some?" I HATE this line.

+"You've looked like you've had a rough day, kick off your feet and relax awhile" This line really annoys me

Mii's must really love each other, I mean, I saw one Mii stare at the other me lovingly and they weren't done in 10 minutes, it's like give a break!

+Mii News can get pretty horrifying, even though I love it

There really need to be more Cafe hangouts than just Boys, Girls and Pity Party

+Apparently adding Mustard to food is illegal in this game

The fact that fights take over a Mii's mind, seriously, there sweetheart could leave them for someone else and they don't care because of that fight


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