Oooh...somebody's in love-WHAT THE HECK?! DORA THE EXPLORER is going after my BOYFRIEND?! Whew, she got rejected. That was close.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Tomodachi Life! Yes, there are love scenarios like that one, but it is also a life simulating game, only better, because it has Miis! Yup, good old miis. And you are the boss of all of them. You even have a mii of your own. You are supposed to help them solve everyday problems like giving them food, and not so everyday ones too, like speeding up their puberty with some magical spray just so they can grow up, or another magical spray that does the opposite: turn them back to kids so they can expirence the good old days once again.

The point is, Tomodachi Life is the best game ever, both weird and wonderful!

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