Vacations (known as holidays in the UK) are an event that happens in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. Miis will travel across the world and spend time there, and will bring the player back a treasure from that location which cannot be obtained elsewhere.

In order to take a vacation, Miis need to be given a travel ticket. They will then go either by themselves, with 1-2 friends, their significant other (if they have one), or with the entire family if the Mii has a child (or a grown-up child). They will travel to a random location, such as Africa or Japan, and will comment about three different aspects of the place they're visiting (while there are five aspects per location, three of them are chosen randomly). At each location they will take a picture, which can be saved at the end (saving pictures is only possible in Life).


After a wedding, the newlyweds will go on a honeymoon, which much like a vacation, has the two Miis visit a random location, take three photos, and return with a treasure. This does not take up a travel ticket, as it is done automatically.


In Tomodachi Life, once a Mii is given an overall total of $10,000 (or pounds/euros) in pocket money, they will take a trip into space. If the Mii has one, he/she will bring their family along (spouse and child). This will award the traveling Mii a free white astronaut suit and unlock it for purchase in all available colors in the clothing shop.


  • Any Mii who traveled with the Mii who was given the travel ticket will have their relationship level with the Mii raised by one level or two.
  • In the US version, the photographer says, "Cheese!" after the leading Mii says its line, but in the European version, the photographer says, "Let's take a photo!".
  • If a Mii is given a travel ticket when sad or angry from a fight, they will travel alone and lose all sadness. They will not give the player a souvenir, however.

Tomodachi Collection Vacations

Souvenir French Doll
French Doll
Tourist Location Image Lines
Arc de Triomphe TCArcDeTriomphe Arc de Triomphe
Château de Chambord France 2 Château de Chambord
Eifel Tower France 3 Eifel Tower
Louvre France 4 Louvre
Madeleine Temple TLMadeleineTemple Madeleine Temple
Mont St. Michael France Mont St Michel Mont St. Michael
Opera Garnier France 1 Opera Garnier
The Seine at Night France The Seine at night The Seine at Night
Souvenir Key Chain
Key Chain
Tourist Location Image Lines
Beach Hawaii 3 Beach
Evening Beach TCEveningBeach Evening Beach
Fruit Stand Hawaii Fruit Stand Fruit Stand
Halacala Volcano Hawaii 1 Halacalia Volcano
King Kamehameha TCKingKamehameha King Kamehameha
Magic Island TCMagicIsland Magic Island
Pineapple Fields Hawaii 2 Pineapple Fields
Hong Kong
Souvenir Chopsticks
Tourist Location Image Lines
Central TCCentral Central
Central at Night TCCentralAtNight Central at Night
Clock Tower TCClockTower Clock Tower
View from Ferry TCViewFromFerry View from Ferry
Souvenir Brooch
Tourist Location Image Lines
Castel Sant'Angelo TCCastelSant'Angelo Castel Sant'Angelo
Colosseum TCColosseum Colosseum
Doge's Palace TCDoge'sPalace Doge's Palace
Florence TCFlorence Florence
Gondola TCGondola Gondola
Mouth of Truth TCMouthOfTruth Mouth of Truth
Roman Forum TCRomanForum Roman Forum
Souvenir Old Tower
Old Tower
Tourist Location Image Lines
Eikando TCEnkado Eikando
Fushimi Inari TCFushimiInari Fushimi Inari
Honen TCHonen Honen
Shodenji TCShodenji Shodenji
Souvenir Shisha TC
Tourist Location Image Lines
Ocean TCOcean Ocean
Red-Tiled House TCRed-TiledHouse Red-Tiled House
Shisha TCShisa Shisha
Shuri Castle TCShuriCastle Shuri Castle
Sugar Cane Fields TCSugarcaneField Sugar Cane Fields
Zakimi Castle TCZakimiCastle Zakimi Castle
Souvenir Handkerchief TC
Tourist Location Image Lines
Oriental Pearl Tower TCOrientalPearlTower Oriental Pearl Tower
Shanghai Museum TCShanghaiMuseum Central at Night
Xintiandi TCXintiandi Xintiandi
Souvenir Spanish Fan TC
Spanish Fan
Tourist Location Image Lines
Andalucia Sunflowers TCAndaluciaSunflowers Sagrada Familia
Plaza de Cibeles TCPlazaDeCibeles Plaza de Cibeles
Roman Aqueduct TCRomanAqueduct Roman Aqueduct
Royal Palace in Madrid Royal Palace in Madrid Royal Palace in Madrid
Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia
Toledo TCToledo Toledo
White Village White Village White Village
Souvenir Elephant
Tourist Location Image Lines
Ayutthaya TomoCollVacation Ayutthaya
Elephant Camp TCElephantCamp Elephant Camp
Market TCMarket Market
Wat Pho TCWatPho Wat Pho

Tomodachi Life Vacations

Africa (US and EU Only)
Souvenir Desert Sand
Desert Sand
Tourist Location Image Lines
Baobab Trees Africa (3) "Baobab Trees are so cool looking!"
Sleeping Lion Africa (1) "Quiet! Don't wake the lion!"
Sahara Desert Africa 2 "The Sahara has so... Much... Sand..."
Savanna Sunset Africa 5 "The sunset over the savanna is absolutely breathtaking!"
Marketplace Africa (2) "There are so many spices for sale in this market. I wanna buy them all."
America (US & EU only)
Souvenir Home Run Ball
Home Run Ball
Tourist Location Image Lines
Statue of Liberty America (4) "I'm the same size as the Statue of Liberty!"
Monument Valley America Monument Valley "Monument Valley is so majestic!"
Seattle America (3) "Seattle is such a beautiful city!"
Sequoias America (2) "Sequoias are so big in person, it's crazy!"
Miami Beach America (1) "This is a great spot to see Miami Beach!"
Australia (NA and EU Only)
Souvenir Kangaroo warning Sign
Kangaroo Warning Sign
Tourist Location Image Lines
Koala Australia (5) "Koala love eucalyptus. So cute!"
12 Apostiles Australia (6) "The 12 Apostles on the Victoria coast look so cool but also a bit wobbly..."
Australian Desert Australia (4) "The deserts here are so hot! I couldn't handle being a camel."
Sydney Opera House Australia "The Sydney Opera House is such a neat-looking building."
Uluru Australia (1) "Uluru is also called Ayers Rock. It looks amazing at sunset!"
Souvenir Karma Scarf
Krama Scarf
Tourist Location Image Lines
Angkor Thom Joelandwitch "Angkor Thom was the capital city here 1,000 years ago."
Angkor Wat Cambodia (2) "The reflection of Angkor Wat in the background is just perfect."
Banteay Srei WalrusInCambodia "Banteay Srei is 1,000 years old and so mysterious..."
Ruins Cambodia (3) "These ruins are really fascinating!"
Angkor Wat Enterence Cambodia (1) "What could be behind the entrance to Angkor Wat?"
Souvenir Plush Panda
Plush Panda
Tourist Location Image Lines
Jixhi Valley Jixhi Valley "I'm at Jixhi Valley. Nature is so beautiful!"
Huanglong Pools China (2) "These natural pools in Huanglong should make a great background."
Panda China Panda "This panda is so cute! Get a picture of us together!"
Five Flower Lake China (1) "The water of Five Flower Lake is really clear and full of ancient fallen trees."
Waterfall China (3) "This waterfall is so loud! But it makes for a great picture."
Egypt (JP and EU Only)
Souvenir Desert Sand
Desert Sand
Tourist Location Image Lines
Egyptian Ruins Friends in Egypt N/A
Egyptian Statues 20160424230040 N/A
Egyptian Temple Friends in Egypt 2 N/A
Pyramids of Giza 3 Posing N/A
Sphinx Family in Egypt JP v N/A
Souvenir Bar of Soap
Fancy Soap
Tourist Location Image Lines
Seine River France (2) "I love how the river Seine flows right through the heart of Paris."
Strasbourg France (3) "Strasbourg is so beautiful and historic!"
Arc De Triomphe France arc de Triomphe "The Arc De Triomphe is over 200 years old!"
Eifel Tower France (1) "The Eifel Tower is so romantic!"
Plaza de la Concorde Plaza de Concorde "The Plaza de la Concorde is so grand! It's the largest square in Paris."
Mont-Saint-Michel (JP Only) Miis in France JP ver 2 "モンサンミッシェルで~す"
The Louvre(JP Only) Miis visits France Jp ver N/A
Souvenir Nutcracker
Nutcracker (US)
Piece of Berlin Wall TL
Piece of Berlin Wall (EU and JP)
Tourist Location Image Lines
Bradenburg Gate Germany (3) "Bradenburg Gate is so impressive!"
Munich Town Hall Germany (1) "The Munich New Town Hall is so ornate, and the glockenspiel still chimes like clockwork!"
Rhine Valley Germany (2) "The Rhine Valley is really picturesque!"
Rhine River Germany (5) "The Rhine is just beautiful..."
Rudesheim Germany (4) "Rudesheim is such a romantic town."

Neuschwanstein Castle (JP Only)

Family holiday "ノイシュバンシュタイン城 で~す"
Hohenschwangau Castle (JP Only) Germany Visit JP ver "ホーエンシュヴァンガウ城で~す"
Guam (JP Only)
Souvenir Bojobo Doll TL
Bojobo Doll
Tourist Location Image Lines
Guam Cave Trip to Guam single mii. N/A
Guam Lagoon Visiting Guam JPv N/A
Guam Sunset Guam sunset N/A
Palm Tree Honeymoon in Guam JP ver "ヤシの木で~す"
Park Two Miis on Honeymoon in Guam JP ver "グアムの公園で~す"
Souvenir Sunset Keychain
Sunset Keychain
Tourist Location Image Lines
Train Hawaii 4 (1) "I love traveling by train!"
Hawaiian Waters Hawaii 4 (2) "Hawaii has such crystal clear waters!"
Kilauea volcano Hawaii (1) "Kilauea volcano is hot, hot, hot!"
Laniakea Beach TLLaniakeaBeach "Laniakea Beach is great for turtle watching!"
Palm Trees Eyes-shut "Nothing says tropical like palm trees!"
Italy (JP Only)
Souvenir Leather Gloves TomodachiLife
Leather gloves
Tourist Location Image Lines
Fountain of Neptune Miis in Italy JP version "ウフィツィ美術館前の噴水で~す"

Piazza del Duomo

Italy JP only 2 "ミラノドゥオモ広場で~す"
Trevi Fountain Miis in Italy Japan only "トレビの泉で~す"
Pitti Palace Italy JP only "ピッティ宮殿で~す"
The Colosseum Miis in Italy JP only "コロッセオ前で~す"
Japan (US and EU only)
Souvenir Folding Fan
Folding Fan
Tourist Location Image Lines
Inari Head Shrine Japan (2) "The Inari head shrine is one of the best places to see toril gates all lined up together."
Kumamoto Castle Japan (1) "Kumamoto Castle is really impressive."
Mt. Fuji Japan (3) "Mount Fuji is one of the most famous active volcanoes in the world!"
Okinawa Beaches Japan (4) "Okinawa has such beautiful beaches!"
Tokyo Tomodachi Life 006 "Tokyo looks so amazing at night!"
Kyoto (JP Only)
Souvenir Folding Fan
Folding Fan
Tourist Location Image Lines
Japanese Wall A single mii trip to Kyoto N/A
Kamogawa River Family trip to Kyoto JP N/A
Yasaka Pagoda Family trip to Kyoto JP2 N/A
Yasakajinja Temple Kyototemple N/A
New York (JP only)
Souvenir Home Run Ball
Home Run Ball
Tourist Location Image Lines
Horse Carriage at Central Park Friends in New York JPv "セントラルパークで~す"
Long Island Sound Family in New York JPv N/A
Main Street Friends visiting New York N/A
Prometheus Statue Family in New York 2 N/A
Souvenir Pan Flute
Pan Flute
Tourist Location Image Lines
Lake Titicaca Peru (4) "Lake Titicaca! The people here are so nice."
La Raya mountain range Peru (3) "La Raya mountain range is so high up. I feel on top of the world!"
Machu Picchu Peru (1) "Machu Picchu is an absolute wonder."
Nazca Drawings Nazca Drawing "The drawings at Nazca are so big! How did they draw this bird so well?"
Cuzco Stone Peru (2) "This stone in Cuzco has 12 corners!"
Space (Secret Location)
Souvenir Martian Rock
Martian Rock
Tourist Location Image Lines
Andromeda Spacevacation7 "Doesn't Andromeda look awesome?!"
The Moon Spacevacation "Earth looks so beautiful from the moon!"
Space Frontier HighInTheSky "I'm so high in the sky!"
Saturn Spacevacation6 "I wonder what Saturn's rings are made of..."
Mars Spacevacation5 "Mars is!"
Souvenir Cowbell
Tourist Location Image Lines
Basel station Switzerland (2) "Basel station. The trains here are as on time as a Swiss clock!"
Interlaken Switzerland (4) "Interlaken is the gateway to the Alps. The buildings are full of history."
Chapel Bridge Switzerland (1) "The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is filled with beautiful old paintings."
Basel Fountains Switzerland "The pool in Basel has nine cool fountains that spray water as if talking together."
Swiss Alps Switzerland (3)

"The Swiss Alps look majestic any time of year."

Pavillon Le Corbusier (JP Only) Pavillon Le Corbusier Switzerland JP version "コルビュジエハウスで~す"
Tahiti (US and EU Only)
Souvenir Shell Necklace
Shell Necklace
Tourist Location Image Lines
Moorēa Tahiti (1) "The mountains and ocean at Moorēa are simply stunning!"
Black-Sand Beach Tahiti (5) "This black-sand beach is made from volcanic lava rock!"
Palm Trees Tahiti (4) "Palm trees swaying in the sea breeze... So tropical!"
Tahiti Sunset Tahiti (2) "A sunset in Tahiti is the perfect photo op!"
Tahiti Lagoon Tahiti 3 "The water in this lagoon is great for photos but even better for a swim!"


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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