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Virtual Boy
Manufacturer Nintendo
Released Japan July 21, 1995
US Flag August 14, 1995
Predecessor Game Boy
Successor Game Boy Color

The Virtual Boy (also known as the VR-32) is a table-top video game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. First released in 1995 in Japan and U.S. only, it was marketed as the first "portable" video game console capable of displaying "true 3D graphics" out of the box. The Virtual Boy was a commercial failure thanks to monochrome graphics, ill physical effects from the such as nausea and seizures from playing, and a poor ad campaign. The hype of the concept of Virtual Reality was already dead by the time it was released, which made it another factor for its failure.[citation needed]

The Virtual Boy was discontinued in December of 1995 in Japan and U.S. in March of 1996 and barely lasted a year. In Tomodachi Life, the Virtual Boy appears as a treasure given out by the residents after successfully beating a game. They can be sold to the Pawn Shop For $150.00 after they are obtained.They can also appear in dreams. It was the 2nd biggest failure in the company, as it only sold 770,000 units.


  • The quote "All hail the Virtual Boy" has been one of the most popular statements from the Tomodachi Life Nintendo Direct.


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